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The first mindful
dating app

We're building a community of like-minded individuals who value deeper connections, prioritizing mindfulness, authenticity and shared values. It's time to find something real. 

Match your energy

match proposals - quality over quantity

Matches that matter

Lean back, we will find the perfect match for you

Stop wasting your time and energy with endless swiping! We at AURA believe in quality based matching. Therefore, we provide you with very few but carefully selected matches that fit YOU.

We foster your personal growth

A growth attitude is essential for creating healthy relationships

A connection alone is not enough. Doing the inner work you need to build emotional maturity will help your relationship reach deeper levels. Therefore AURA provides you with additional resources that support your personal development and increase your self-awareness.

your human design profile
a match of your chosen one

Matching on the go

With aura - you can simply connect with anyone you just met

You met someone, and you would like to know more about your energetic compatibility. Learn more about the both of you, just on the go. Simply scan ones aura code and get to know someone in a different, more authentic way.

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